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Urban Light is a project born out of the passions and expertise of 2 UK organisations (Act 4 and Chrysalis) in partnership with the United Reformed Church and Urban Expression - more details from their logos below.


Act 4 was established in 2003, and therefore has a great deal of experience of working with young adult trainees/volunteers. Teams have been trained to work with over 70,000 children, mainly in schools, through interactive presentations and workshops as well as in family events and children’s clubs. It is led by Dr Sam Frankel.


Chrysalis is the outworking of Roger & Jenny Taylor's calling to a small housing estate in Potters Bar. It has been going for 3 years and has a passion for seeking creative and fresh ways of engaging with local communities, and seeking to grow “shalom” in the urban spaces of the UK—it is part of a national network (Urban Expression). Roger is a Baptist Minister with over 10 years experience of running an international young adult volunteer network (Time For God).


Both agencies are passionate about following Jesus in and into local communities.