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A unique training, gap year, & discipleship opportunity for young adults from North America, that seeks to transform a local community primarily through engaging with children.



YOU will ...


... spend a year living and working in a neighbourhood in the UK, becoming an integral part of the life of that community.


... get to know young people through participation in the primary schools, youth clubs, and churches—and through them get to know their families and friends.


... develop your potential by being part of creative initiatives, and by being encouraged to generate your own innovative ways of being involved.


... be challenged, inspired, and stretched in your thinking, faith, and practice as a follower of Jesus, and we want you to impact the community in which you're placed so they can explore change and growth too.


We’ll walk with you through this experience, sharing new and old wisdom, our own learning, and receiving your thoughts and creativity.



If you're aged 18-30,

are up for a challenge,

& willing to stretch your faith, then

join us

—it’ll change your life,

and ours,

and theirs !


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