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This experience is all about transformation and change.


You will be part of changing this community, an important voice in the lives of the children, families, schools, and churches.


You will also be changed.

Our prayer is that as we all walk together through the landscape of this community, YOU will be transformed by hearing the voice of Jesus in your life, by exploring theologies and practices that stretch your faith and build the "muscles" of your understanding and ongoing communication with this Jesus and the people he loves and aches for.


This will be through a range of interventions, disciplines, and conversations ...



The local project will have its own rhythms of worship and life, coming together a few times each week to share, talk, and pray.



You will choose a church that meets weekly in the vicinity of your target community, and become part of its ongoing life and worship.



Our partner agency in this, Time For God, has a wide range of young adult volunteers doing all sorts of work in the UK. You will join them at the start of your time here, and again after 3 months, to get a taste of their experiences, and make new friends. They will also provide some "outside" support and encouragement as you work with us.



The Urban Light teams will also come together another 4 times over the year to give you space to pause, reflect, and ponder God's activity in your life, and in the place you're assigned to. They will include ....


input on theology, childhood development, and other areas of interest from leaders and practitioners


space to share your own experience, creativity and skills, so that we can all grow together


and (perhaps most importantly) provide space to help you to pause, reflect, and assimilate God's ongoing activity in your life.



Towards the end of your work with us, you'll have the opportunity to share in a 2-week mission-trip to one of the poorer areas of the world - to see and engage with a very different culture and community.


None of these are aimed at control or shaping you in any particular style or approach. We're are seeking to help you explore and develop your own unique relationship with God, and our hope is that we will all be enriched by sharing this journey with you.