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Urban Light wants to offer you a chance to combine your professional and personal development by enhancing your knowledge and skills to impact communities. You will be at the centre of igniting change within the neighbourhood in which we place you, as you build relationships with children and other adults in schools, with families and as part of other networks. Through this experience you will explore what it really means to be salt and light in practical ways within a community. Not only will it give you the opportunity to apply your recent studies but also to strengthen, through experience, a basis  on which you can grow and mature as a person and as a disciple of Jesus. We want to take literally the idea that “the word became human and moved into the neighbourhood” (John 1:14, Message), and work with you to find out what it feels like to embody that word in THIS neighbourhood.


Urban Light is ...

# focussed on igniting change in the community through engaging with children, young people, and their networks and families, driven by a desire to provide young adults (i.e. YOU) with lasting insight and experiences as they seek to make the most of their learning and potential, preparing them for further studies or future professional careers.

# ambitious about creating a ‘hub’ to share creative practice through developing a network of volunteers and ex-volunteers around the world who are passionate about the power of the Christian message to transform communities.


Urban Light - enhancing your potential ...

# be a Coach — you will be trained in using a coaching model, providing  a focus for your personal development but also a model for you to use to support others.

# develop your Understanding — through exploring children’s place in society connect theory and practice, both in UK and with a trip to a partner community in Africa.

# become a High Level Communicator — through a range of opportunities in different community spaces you will be trained to engage children and others.

# Grow as a Disciple — explore faith perspectives, as we encourage you to be intentional about how you choose to follow Jesus during the year and in the future.

# have Fun — we want this year to be enjoyable as well as useful!

# be Encouraged — throughout you will be supported by local supervisors and a mentor, we’ll have 6 training sessions away over the year to explore new skills, share fresh ideas, reflect on our faith, evaluate, and relax.

# have Adventures — our volunteers take risks, are creative, are not afraid to make mistakes, have fun and are willing to give things a go! This is a next step on your journey of faith, so be ready for new horizons, a different culture, and a lot of learning!